Birthday cake

Welcome to Hannah Eats Vegan! There’s a little introduction on the About page so I won’t bore you again with that. Instead, I want to talk about cake. The best, most exciting kind of cake: birthday cake.

A few weeks ago, my friend (and fellow part-time vegan) Sam had a birthday. Discretion forbids me from mentioning his age… also he regularly provides me with snacks and I don’t want to be cut off! Sam, you’re a spring chicken. Anyway, my housemate loves baking as much as I do, so we decided to collaborate on a vegan cake masterpiece. It really was a collaborative effort too, with him providing a tried-and-tested ganache recipe for the topping, me offering my favourite sweet avocado filling, and both of us taking the plunge on a previously untried recipe for chocolate courgette cake. We weren’t entirely without doubts: would this turn into a quirky, delicious veg-lover’s dream, or a weird mess? What if we passed it around the office and no-one wanted to eat it?



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I guess we needn’t have worried.

Sadly we all failed horribly at taking pictures of the cake pre-demolition, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it looked pretty lovely (though I say so myself) with its nicely risen sponge, chocolate coating and a scattering of raspberries on top. More importantly though, it tasted spectacular. The courgette gave the chocolate sponge the perfect amount of moisture without hurting the crumb, and the sweetness of avocado filling contrasted nicely with the dark chocolate ganache. I mean, I don’t want to boast, but the birthday boy himself later went on to say that it was “the best vegan cake ever made”. And you can’t argue with someone on their birthday, right?


The sponge recipe is from Meat and Egg Free (scroll down to find it). We grated our courgettes using a food processor with grater attachment rather than the strict ‘downward motion’ called for, and it didn’t seem to do any harm

The avocado filling is from this recipe by Joy The Baker. I also highly recommend you try the full cake recipe at some point, it’s fab.

The dark chocolate ganache recipe is from this recipe. We used Montezuma’s Very Dark chocolate, ‘cos they’re ethical, but I imagine any good dark choc would do the job. We also used hazelnut milk rather than almond, because I had it in the fridge. My housemate thinks this might have stopped it thickening and setting properly, so use almond milk if you can.